people, interview | "LETTER CRAFT"

LetterCraft is dedicated to making quality reclaimed wood decor. Samples include handmade signs, walls, furniture, coasters, coat racks, ornaments and more. Celebrated clientele of the respective local market include Strawberry Hedgehog Handcrafted Vegan Soaps, Songbird Coffee and Tea House and Phoenix Flea.

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people, interview | "SHARING ALL THINGS DARLING"

"Sharing All Things Darling" features Caitlin Lindquist of Dash of Darling (ref: Redbook Magazine, People Magazine). Interview adheres to The Style Line's Career Profile/ Neighborhood Guide framework. Photography adopts artistic direction inspired by 1960s American Mod fashion.

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travel, people, interview | "MOON AGE"

The Moonage Tempe Collective features locally handmade art, jewelry and home decor... CONTINUE READING



Sunday brunch and a day of leisure are calling... we hope you can say the same! CONTINUE READING


work featured in: people, culture | "SHOWING LOVE FOR LOCAL BUSINESS"

With only the suburbs of Long Island in near reach, my approach to shopping has remained constant over the course of the last decade. Simply put, the mall seems like the most logical place to go. With over 150 stores to walk in and out of and a mix of designer labels and cheaper alternatives to choose from... CONTINUE READING


work featured in: people, culture | "AD(DRESSING) MOTHER NATURE"

An inimitable force vibrates across the planet on a daily basis. For many of us, our desire to explore and understand our surroundings comes from a place of passion, but on days like Earth Day, we are reminded that with passion comes purpose – especially when it comes to our pursuits and how they affect our planet... CONTINUE READING


as featured in: people, culture | "COMMUNITY EDIT: STRIPES ARE SOLID"

All puns aside, there’s something comforting about wearing stripes. Perhaps it’s a nod to effortless Parisian style, or purely for the sake of sheer simplicity but this print has proven to be fail-proof . We’ve noticed it’s rising prominence in the collective personal style of members in our community – and generally in both men and women alike. While it’s arguably a go-to for tee’s and tops, we’ve created an edit that shows stripes are an essential for all shapes, sizes and silhouettes. Check out the below to see how to wear it and shop some of the striped items we’re currently loving:... CONTINUE READING



Last month we asked inspiring women from around the world to share their favorite neighborhood hangs. If you’ve been following our #TSLResolutions series you know that in February our mission was to inspire discovery abroad and equally foster an appreciation for what’s in our backyard. To further our commitment to this, we’re sharing some highlights from last month’s daily “Love Your City” Instagram takeover. From Los Angeles to London scroll below to check out some highlights of our participants’  favorite local destinations... CONTINUE READING



Beyond the streets of the metropolitan Valley whose greens, yellows, and reds direct day-to-day routines, live independent wildlife defended by valiant views of mountains and cacti. Portraiture by Fine Art Photographer Rachael Koscica engages the truest essence of this Southwestern State. "Arizona [really] captivates the human experience and connection with nature," advocated Koscica as she guided our adventure through Tempe and Mesa, along the way stopping to appreciate the intrinsic, pristine character of the Phoenix desert landscapes... CONTINUE READING



We are eager to present Sakura Considine for our next neighborhood guide. Sakura is the Co-Founder of Bloguettes, a branding resource for entrepreneurs, creatives, and bloggers that embraces an educative approach within their workshops in order to promote the effective digital presence of their clientele. Recently highlighted on The Every Girl for their activity in San Francisco, Bloguettes' visibility has skyrocketed and are now, by high demand, offering workshops across the country in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Chicago, Charleston, and New York. Locally, Sakura is a figure of style and creative spirit. This October, she was recognized by Arizona Foothills Magazine for "Best Instagram Feed" and "Most Fashionable under 30" categories within their "Best of Arizona" report. We're so excited to present her charming character and fashion on The Style Line...CONTINUE READING


as featured in: people, culture | "COMMUNITY HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE"

To officially kick off the holiday season we’re thrilled to debut our first ever community-inspired gift guide! Check out and directly shop our holiday picks curated by our community of contributors and inspired by the stories of our collaborators and brands that we’ve shared here on The Style Line over the past year.... CONTINUE READING


people, interview | "AMY STONE'S PICTURE PERFECT NYC"

As we continue to bare witness to an increasingly connected world, we're reminded just how many resources are at our fingertips. When it comes to our history with personal style, often times there are moments when we reflect and realize how much we seriously want to filter some of our past fashion faux pas. Although we have the ability to delete elements of the past, we more importantly have the opportunity to inspire and in a way, create elements of our future... CONTINUE READING