Images courtesy of Studio DIY

Concept #1 - Instagram Social Media Copy Pitch
Body #1: This Valentine’s Day, let’s skip dinner and get straight to dessert! (face with stuck-out tongue emoji) #funfettified

Body #2: Remember when we teamed up with @BonPuf and @californiadonuts to make those dreamy ZOMG Cotton Candy Donuts last summer!? Those little bits of joy were #therealdeal (fist bump emoji). But, what if we told you about Brooklyn’s… gold donuts? Thoughts??

Body #2:  Roses are red, rosé champagne cupcakes are pretty pink, gold and adorned in sugar pearl jewels! Our rhyme game may be off, but take a look at this @thescranline-inspired recipe for AMAZINGLY bright and beautiful sweet treat icings! Taste buds, prepare to be wooed. (thumbs up emoji)


Concept #2 - Facebook Social Media Copy
Body #1: I am a foodie at heart; I just can't have a meal without dessert. Whether it's a cupcake from Sprinkles or a good ole Krispy Kreme donut, I know when that hot light bling, that could only mean one thing!


Concept #3 - "Want It, Need It" Shopping Guide via Pinterest