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people, interview | "PACIFIC LYRICAL EXPRESSION"

Paris is an endless source of inspiration, but a complex one. On the one hand, it's a city that you can spend years and years exploring, and still it surprises you. It's old and full of history, but it's always changing - I find new passageways and shops in streets that I have walked a hundred times, and there is an intrinsic charm to its cobblestone streets, majestic buildings, and statues that date back to the revolution. The temporal aspect, the juxtaposition of past and present, is something I feel all the time when walking around Paris. So, that in itself is a deep well of reflection. But, there is sometimes a slightly morose character that accompanies the Parisian spirit... CONTINUE READING



It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you professional French wedding photographer, Jean- Laurent Gaudy. We he announced that he was making a trip to New York in March, I just had to request he pencil in a morning coffee. We decided upon Little Collins in Midtown NYC. Regrettably, brunch hours were soon approaching and the café suddenly began to crowd. We made a stroll down to a corner coffee-shop where we sat and I listened in wonderment to his stories of love and photography... CONTINUE READING


people, interview | "LASTING IMPRESSIONS"

Is it an impressive donning of color? A particular gesture? An enchanting stride? What is it about these individuals that evokes such vivid portrayals in Leo Greenfield's illustrations? It's not the color(s), nor the gesture; rather, [it's] the brilliant individual interpretation of fashion that Leo finds so engaging. With this new-found insight, each individual's characteristics become more exceptional... CONTINUE READING


people, interview | "HONEYED BALLADS"

Escargots and red wine follow an adieu to a primrose glimmering sun. Candlelight reflections on mahogany-hued tiles develop the characteristics of a romantic night out. I've got my head in the clouds, or should I say, my toes in the sand. Honeyed singing of a French rendition of "Somewhere Beyond the Sea" has me drifting to musings of Paris in the fall. Linda Sandovalhas a musical manner that inveigles romantics; her jazz performances adopt a lyric whose rich timbre echoes poetic compositions...  CONTINUE READING


travel, community, review | "AN INVENTORY OF CLASSICS"

The salon of "The Greatest Neighborhood Restaurant" exhibits an inventory of classics. Above a Davy's Gray and Carolina Bluepatterned settee hang five frames of abstract art evocative of Damien Hirst "spot paintings." Metal Tolix chairs border a polished wood table aglow under the lights of burnished antique two-arm table lamps. An emerald velvet booth extends to an entryway, which reveals an Arcadian terrace that offers a generous cue of shade. This American brasserie, dubbed The Henry, exemplifies a Roaring (Twenties) sophistication. A remarkable accomplishment is discovered in the duality of the culinary cues at The Henry...CONTINUE READING


travel, community, review | "SATURDAY CROISSANDO BREAKFAST"

On select weekends, Victorian Cake Company & Candyland Cupcakes host Croissando Saturdays. Donuts are not commonly regarded as breakfast, but this croissant-donut challenges tradition... The croissando is the ultimate marriage of sweet and savory, though its traits are not entirely representative of either pastry. Whilst the embellished sifted granulated sugar provides a subtle crunch, the croissando isn't nearly as flaky or light as a croissant. The texture could be described as cake-like: moist and rich, yet not overly sweet. The gleaming golden center that is Victorian Cake Company's sweet custard crème butter imitates the icing within a cake's layers... CONTINUE READING


travel, culture, review | "ESCARGOTS A LA BOURGUIGNONNE"

This spring surprised me with a mellow affaire du coeur in Sedona, Arizona amid thrilling views of crimson canyons and sweet-tempered, whispered breezes. I saved a very special affair for the close of the day: dinner at René's at sunset. René is settled in a Spanish-style courtyard with a landscape graced by mosaic tiles that reify the spirit of exploration. Neighbor to art galleries, polished fountains, georgic murals and brass sculptures, René's place behind the carved wooden doors of Tlaquepaque village radiates with organic charm... CONTINUE READING