My Global Restaurant Search Begins

Today, I formally join the culinary community of Zomato as a member on its blogger platform! This past August, Community Engagement Lead Tayler Tucker enthusiastically invited me for single-origin coffee and conversation at Cartel Coffee Lab in Downtown Phoenix.

Some wish for time, we wish for travel. For me, travel is the binder. Work sessions with colleagues, consultations with clients, and dates at dinner are impossible without the Metro Light Rail, Grid Bikes and Über. Zomato is an application that regularly collects information from each restaurant, café and bar in town (including menus, photos, pricing and hours); it's a reliable resource for my ever-changing availability. As a writer and photographer, I'm excited to interact with the app by submitting reviews, photos and generating a social food network.



So, follow along at @pariselsewhere! Four Seasons has welcomed me to photograph and dine at their newly-opened Bar Margot lounge in Midtown Atlanta, and while this is just the beginning of photo and article production, I'm happy to share the experience on Snapchat at @pariselsewhere!