Diamond Troutman

Tools for On-The-Go Brainstorming

Diamond Troutman
Tools for On-The-Go Brainstorming

Just before the peek of the sun, I arrived at Giant Coffee for tea lattes with Taylor Seely. The Writer, who contributes to Couture in the Suburbs (deemed "Best Fashion Blog" by Phoenix Magazine earlier this year), kindly invited me to join her at the Midtown bonne adresse to talk creative brainstorming, photo production and advice I could offer those aspiring to leap into the creative field of content production. We discussed the beginnings of my career by way of blogging and everything in between, including interviewing on behalf of The Style Line and launching my individual client base.

The interview will premiere next week on Couture in the Suburbs! In the meantime, I'm reflecting on my simplest tools for on-the-go brainstorming:

1. Inspirational Location
Know what coffee shop accommodates your workflow. While I'm based in East Valley, I often travel into Scottsdale, Tempe and Phoenix for events and client consultations. Each city has its respective characteristics as do their coffee shops. 

My ideal atmosphere for work features subtle vocal harmony over smooth R&B, structured seating (ie: stools, benches, etc) and a table for two. Because I will generally spend 1-2 hours at this location, I look forward to grabbing a baked good at the counter to keep up energy for creative brainstorming.
Ie: Giant Coffee

2. Stationery, mainly a pen.
I don't always carry paper, but I will definitely have a pen on me. Sometimes, I'll grab a couple napkins from a coffee shop and jot notes there! What I particularly like about not carrying a journal is the authenticity of my note-taking. As a perfectionist of sorts, I feel that my napkin-notes are less forced or perfection-guided. 
Ie: Ordonné La Papeterie

3. Camera phone
Similar to my reason for not always carrying a journal, I have more recently enjoyed using my camera phone - instead of my professional DSLR - to capture influential moments of inspiration for future shoots and writing projects. In essence, this is my way of creating a mood-board within my Camera Roll.
Ie: iPhone 6 Plus


Visit Couture in the Suburbs for the full interview the week of December 14!