Talking Business with Design Sponge

Talking Business with Design Sponge

If you ask any successful businessperson how they got started in their field, many will answer with: by just starting. Each thing you do on the road to your career goal — and each opportunity you take advantage of — only adds to your experience and your portfolio, and ups your confidence. Putting the time in might be the only way one can guarantee that they’ll learn and grow.

For Diamond Troutman, her career as a Content Producer and Creative Consultant only took off as a result of lots of doing and plenty of trying. After studies brought her to Paris, France, Diamond used this opportunity to launch the travel blog, Paris Elsewhere, where she documented her experiences and honed her signature writing style. As a result of building this platform, she was able to collaborate with and shadow many fellow bloggers and content producers whom she looked up to. Without fully being aware of it, over time, Diamond managed to interject herself into a valuable community that eventually became her own audience and client-base.

Today, the effervescent Diamond is joining us to share more about her career journey, why formalities and standards are vital, and what it means to foster a collaborative client environment. - Sabrina Smelko

Can you name your greatest success (or something you’re most proud of) in your business experiences?
One of the biggest rewards of business is to see your client succeed. When your client is honored by community and in the press, you are awarded the utmost worth. One memorable success was witnessing a client surpass her expectations for brand launch and reception by 200% via Kickstarter; another was learning a client had secured a television spot on ABC.
What has been the biggest sacrifice you’ve made in starting your business?
Time is an element of sacrifice and achievement when starting your own business – it takes time to build relationships with clients, explore and manage the creative process. Once you’ve built a strong rapport with clients and you’ve streamlined your process, you can address time head-on.


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