Saturday Croissando Breakfast

On select weekends, Victorian Cake Company & Candyland Cupcakes host Croissando Saturdays. Donuts are not commonly regarded as breakfast, but this croissant-donut challenges tradition. As a student at Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, I often found myself stopping at Maison Kayser for croissant breakfasts before morning classes. The buttery, flaky pastry paired with an espresso was reminiscent of toast and a cup of joe. 

The croissando is the ultimate marriage of sweet and savory, though its traits are not entirely representative of either pastry. Whilst the embellished sifted granulated sugar provides a subtle crunch, the croissando isn't nearly as flaky or light as a croissant. The texture could be described as cake-like: moist and rich, yet not overly sweet. The gleaming golden center that is Victorian Cake Company's sweet custard crème butter imitates the icing within a cake's layers. 

The croissant dough appears to be downplayed by the cake-like characteristics of this donut, but when it comes to flavor, it shines. I don't feel guilty for eating this pastry/treat for breakfast as it's almost as if I'm having mascarpone-spread buttered toast. I paired my croissando with a cup of water; however, milk or coffee may very well enrich the taste.