Sweet & Stirring Encounters

Sweet & Stirring Encounters

"Parisians have their QG (Quartier Général aka "their spot") at which they typically will order a crème at the bar and a meal in the dining area. They can spend an hour lounging at the terrace of a café while people watching and conversing over coffee." - on Fondation Café (New York Minute)

Since my first visit in January, I've decided that whenever I'm visiting Phoenix, I'll dedicate a good hour of my day to my newest quartier géneral, Crêpe Bar. Crêpe Bar's carte du jour manifests an aesthetic and novel approach to the French pancake classic commonly known as the crêpe. The crêperie-café ushers in sweet and stirring encounters, both culinary and social.

On that account, I turn the spotlight on to Shelby for the moment. Barista Shelby Moore serves up seasonally harvested Heart Coffee in baby blue and orangesicle- colored cups and suitably signs each brew with a heart. The Arizona native is a connoisseur of good food and surely good coffee; the French title gourmand describes him in every respect. Shelby's penchant for the culinary experience translates into effective editorial columns. The Class of 2014 scholar at ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication recently contributed to the March issue of Bite, a local food and drink magazine. 

Each meal on Crêpe Bar's menu brings into play the winning features of its cuisine. The crêperie's attention to texture is exemplified in each crunch and each chew; hints of masala and vanilla bean prove its palate full-flavored.

I dedicated an hour to this hot spot with my friend Navi, indulging in a heart-to-heart over our jazzy cups of Heart Coffee. The window-side table for two provided a modest breeze and warm glow of sunshine. 


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